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This Wordspeller ESL phonetic dictionary allows you to:

  • Locate your word using English or Spanish misspellings, no matter how badly misspelled it is 'by the way it sounds'. Also hosts Asian vowel sounds for word location.
Spanish Spellings = WORDSPELLER
ais or aiz = ice or eye(s)
llaquet or llaket or yaket or yaquet = jacket
leit = late
llubili or yubili or jiubili = jubilee
llental or yental = gentle
llomp or yomp or iomp = jump

All Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionaries satisfy Common Core standards allowing you access to the resources below

  • Cross-reference your word with other words which sound or are spelled similarly (homophones & confusable words). Example: is it, "carrot, caret, karat or carat"? Is it, "acetic, ascetic or acidic"?
  • View prefixes available for any given root word all spelled out for you!
  • View every conceivable suffix ending all spelled out for each root word!
  • Locate over 70,000 words in mere seconds along with brief definitions to allow you to assess whether it is the word you wish to use.

Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionaries have been coined by teachers as a 'bridge' between the sound of the word and a standard dictionary.